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Zyto Insights Remote Scan and Customized Wellness Plan

It's time to elevate your health!

This Zyto Insights scan will provide a guide into what areas of your health are most in need of help. 
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Zyto Insights Scan

Personalized wellness for you


The Zyto Insight Scan is a fast and straightforward way to discover your body's preference among many wellness options as you strive towards discovering ways to improve your quality of life.

This particular scan can be done remotely in under 5 minutes. You simply need to have internet access and a device (computer, phone, tablet) with a built-in microphone for your biometric input.

Check out this video to learn a little more about Zyto Insights


Please make sure that you have internet access and a working microphone on your device (phone, tablet, or computer).

Your scan will last less than 5 minutes (including setting up your account).

Once your scan is completed, you can immediately see the results. You are welcome to read your own results (I've created either a video or images to walk you through this), or you can set up a session with me.


Once you go through how to read your own results, you will see how simple and intuitive the software is. 
It's quite empowering to see how your body and balance can change with some simple product and service suggestions.

You can pick to watch the video for the explanation or to look at the PDF/Image guide.



Scans are just $30! 

Occasionally we have specials, so click the "contact me" button at the bottom and ask if there are any specials this month! 

Here’s the link to schedule and pay for your scan.  

You will be able to do the scan from the comfort of your own home, using your phone, tablet, or computer. 
You simply need your login, an in-device microphone, a quiet space, and internet connection.

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If we are looking at your scan together, we will do it via a secure ZOOM link.

Occasionally, we may do a scan in person during a session, if more information is desired